What is Artificial Intelligence?

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence process by machine especially computer system. It is branch of CS (Computer Science). by which we can create intelligent machine which can behave like human think like human and ever to make decision. A I is concerned with the design of Intelligence artificial devices .So building intelligence into Man-made system is known as A I. Intelligence is a property in which machine behaves in best possible manners inclusion is something which categorises human.


The goal of AI is to create system that can function intelligently and independently.

Specific applications of AI include expert system natural language processing and speech recognition and machine vision.

A I programming focus on three cognitive skills they are learning, reasoning and self-correction.

Ø Learning process: - it focuses on acquiring data and creating rules [Algorithm] for how to turn the data into information.

Ø Reasoning process: - it focuses on choosing the right algorithm to reach the desired outcome.

Ø Self-correction process: - it is designed to continually fine-tune algorithm and provide accurate results.


Examples of AI are:-

·       Smart assistant( like Siri and Alexa)

·       Drone robots

·       Optimised personalised Health Care treatment.

·       Conversational bots for marketing & customer service.

·       Robo-advisors for stock trading.

·       Self-driving Cars.


Ø ALAN TURING - the father of AI.


Now we can understand how AI works-Suppose There is a room separated by walls. On one side we have a human (interrogator) and on other side we have other computer/human.

Human ask question and the person/computer replies computer has to convince the human that it is not a computer.

If human fails to reliably distinguish the human from computer then the computer does process AI.


Typical AI problems

ü Planning routes, activity, used by Google Maps example-OLA

ü Speech recognition (SIRI) 

ü Face detection (iPhone X) 

ü Theorem proving etc. 


Intelligent behaviour in humans:-

Ø Perception: - abilities to see/here sensory info.

Ø Reasoning: - reasoning with information that we have.

Ø Learning: - learning for new situation.

Ø Understanding language.

Ø Solving problems.


We want on AI system to solve all this problems. 


Applications of AI

·       Computer vision.

·       Image recognition.

·       Robotics (Sophia).

·       NLP (MNIST handwriting recognition).

·       Speech processing.



Weak AI & strong AI.

Weak A I deals with creation of Computer Based then cannot truly reason and solve problems but can act as if it were intelligent (simulating intelligence).

Strong deals with cognitive mental states that can think, reason understand the behaviour.


Limitations of AI. 

Ø A I cannot understand natural language robustly e.g. read &understand newspaper articles.

Ø I can't surf the internet.

Ø Cannot interpret a visual Scene.

Ø Cannot learn a natural language.

Ø Cannot exhibit true Intelligence & autonomy.